Vreny Tschenett

The formerly trained chemist is not only responsible for the accounting but is also the highly appreciated snack fairy.

«I'll send you an email»

Livio Tschenett

Our boss is a trained metalworker and is mainly responsible for garage doors, sun blinds and all the accruing janitor work.

«Where's a phone book?»

Severin Luzzi

The trained metalworker is our man for the big and bold tasks, such as steel consturctions, gates or railings. He is specialized in black smith works and especially gifted in repairing cow bells.

«Parlo l’italiano, Eh»

Sergio Tschenett

The formerly trained metalworker is now qualified as a mechanical engineer and is responsible for the planning and calculation of the more special tasks. You can barely find the oldest of the three sons working in the workshop anymore.

«Everything goes, but not today»

Vito Tschenett

The trained metalworker and metal construction designer is specialized in TIG welding and is mainly responsible for the planning and work preparation of nearly everything, such as windows, stairs or conservatories.


Sandro Kofler

The trained machinist is mainly working on the lathe and is our man for very complex and exact welding constructions.

«Aha, aha, I understand…»

Ramun Tschenett

The trained agricultural machine mechanic is responsible in the metal construction company for all the tasks that involve vehicles. He's also looking after the general upkeep in and around the workshop.

«Don't you dare not returning my tools!»

Simon Weber

The formerly trained carpenter helps out wherever he can in the metal constuction, whenever there is not a lot to do in the bike workshop. And whenever there is a garage door to be assembled, he mostly helps out as well.

«Appearently it's also possible to drill holes into metal, not only wood»