Ramun Tschenett

Ramun Tschenett – The trained agricultural machine mechanic is responsible for servicing and repairing all the machines as well as the assembly of the industrial machines.

«Every screw has a soul»

Livio Tschenett

The trained metalworker is responsible for servicing hydraulic hoses and always your man for good and impossible ideas.

«That's easy! Just like that, that, that and that»

Sergio Tschenett

The qualified mechanical engineer is responsible for the planning, the developpement and the construction of industrial and other custom machines.

«That has to turn out supersuper exact»

Sandro Koffler

The trained machinist is mainly working on the lathe and is our man for very complex and exact welding constructions and the assembly of industrial machines.

«If it fits then thats great»

Severin Luzzi

The trained metalworker is our man for the production of welding construction and welding repairs on agricultural and construction machines.

«Well that is an Uhrenmacherhammer!»